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Serva Assisted Living:  Locations - Mesa and Scottsdale                          


A Home With A Heart

Physician-owned and designed for close attention to medical and social needs

Phone: 480-471-8600          7412 E Wethersfield Rd Scottsdale,  AZ 85260     Fax: 480-629-5544

Brookdale Senior living

A Place for Mom

Senior Advisor

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Caring Beyond your Expectations

Our Philosophy of Care: 


We believe in the inherent worth of people and strive to honor this through the delivery of quality care and service.


At the foundation of our approach to service are fundamental concepts we believe important to every resident and critical in our Continous Quality Improvement approach to creating proper care and service delivery systems.


  • Continuous quality improvement – Provide quality health-care services. Always seek "best practices."

  • Respect – Provide each resident respect and dignity.

  • Individuality – Promote the individuality of each resident.

  • Independence – Foster and support independence for each resident.

  • Choice – Offer individual choices in care and lifestyle.

  • Privacy – Support each resident's right to privacy.

  • Living environment – Providing a supportive residential living environment.

  • Family – Support the needs of family, involving them in care decisions.

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